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The Type 5 - The Observer

Emotional addiction = Greediness

People who have adopted Type 5 are mind-centered, have a curiosity for understanding, and become extremely rational planners. The emotional addiction is Greediness, which is unconscious, being justified by the less expressive attitude and the logical and prudent self-image.

The name Observer comes from the attitude of non-involvement, as if they preferred to be in the background, from where they can see better without losing their critical sense. Of the Enneagram Types, this is the quietest one; they prefer to be with themselves, involved in activities that only concern themselves.

The main negative consequence of this way of organizing lies in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such self-detachment reveals cold, calculating people who believe in the mind as a means of achieving things, substituting emotions for thoughts. God put head higher than heart so that reason could dominate feeling. They prefer rationalism to empiricism, not allowing themselves to desire something that is not "logical," or to express feelings, which they think are inadequate.

In companies, we find Type 5 usually connected to a planning area. Engineering, research and computer science are some of the common ones. Their ability to analyze makes them real chess players, bringing to the group the value of long-term goals and strategic planning. But in their compulsion, they become distant and inaccessible; with short, direct answers they push people away, showing little or no appreciation for their presence.

For greater balance:

When Type 5 recognizes their behavioral pattern as a way to organize themselves and not what they really are, they open to developing the neutralization of the emotional addiction (Greediness) and contact with themselves through the virtue of detachment from the mind. This tool helps them recognize what they want from themselves, no longer through rationalization. They accept and express their feelings more, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.


  • Analytical

  • Specialists

  • Thoughtful


  • Cold

  • Distant

  • Manipulative

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