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The Type 9 - The Preservationist

Emotional addiction = Indolence

People who have adopted Type 9 are focused on emotion or mind, have a mediating attitude, giving priority to the common good. The emotional addiction is Indolence, which is unconscious, being justified by a quiet attitude and conciliatory self-image, "If each one gives up a little, all will be well." The name Preservationist comes from the quest to preserve status, avoiding conflict in favor of peace and tranquility.

The main negative consequence of this way of organizing lies in the difficulty in recognizing their real needs. Such self-detachment reveals apathetic people, who have developed a state of anesthesia so as not to suffer friction with reality. An attitude of hyper-flexibility leaves them amorphous, adapting them easily to the environment. They are people who express calm and serenity, even though these are not their real feelings. Emotional apathy makes them insecure, to the point of being known as "whatever."

In companies, we find Type 9 in the most varied areas. Their ease in adapting allows them to remain active for long periods, initially resisting changes, but adapting over time. Administrative, secretarial, attendance and auxiliary are some of the common areas. Their mediating ability is very useful in situations where it is necessary to develop long-term tasks. But in their compulsion, they give in to avoid conflict. They become insecure and procrastinators, preferring to perform tasks rather than to actively involve in the search for solutions – "I will play dead to survive."

For greater balance:

When Type 9 recognizes their behavioral pattern as a way of organizing rather than being what they really are, they open to developing the neutralization of the emotional addiction (Indolence) and contact with themselves through the virtue of Right Action. This tool helps them recognize what they want from themselves, no longer in the adaptive attitude to the environment in which they are inserted, allowing a greater integration of their feelings, thoughts and actions.


  • Calm

  • Flexible

  • Mediators


  • Apathetic

  • Insecure

  • Lacks sense of direction

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